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Hello  Friend,


Welcome to the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. I am Jarrell V. Jordan and I have the honor of serving as the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation & the Jarrell V. Jordan Company. 

In December of 2016, I created the Importance of Education Initiative after being selected by President Obama to serve as a White House HBCU Ambassador. From this, the Importance of Education Tour was created to educate students, parents, educators, and the greater community in the City of Birmingham on the importance of education.


The tour expanded and has now been held in over seven states. After the creation of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation, Mr. Jordan decided to expand the tour and change the design of the tour.


The Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation will focus on Cultural Arts, Education, Health, Leadership & Developement, Mentorship, Policy and Service.


With Love,

Jarrell V. Jordan

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Our Mission

"Making A Global Impact On All People"

The mission of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation is to have a global impact on all people through cultural arts, education, health, leadership & development, mentorship, policy & service.

Meet The Team

Ross Jordan

Chairman of the Board

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Jarrell V. Jordan

Chief Executive Officer

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Rosevelt Morris

Chief Operating Officer

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Deonte Mayfield

Chief of Staff

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Our Nationwide Impact

State Locations:

State of Alabama

Disctirct of Columbia

State of Georgia

State of Illinois

State of Mississippi

State of New York

State of Texas

State of Virgina


Dr. Terrell Brown

Keep up the good work ! 

This is a great tour that is impacting the lives of so many students.

Birmingham School Student

My favorite part of the importance of education tour was when he talked to us about where he lived which lets me know that it doesn't matter where you come from you still can be something.

Birmingham School Admin

My favorite part of the tour was the students having the opportunity to hear from young adults that looked like them regarding college and preparing for the future.

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