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Initiative Leadership:

Director Stanley Louis


Lush Vibez, who's real name is Stanley Louis II, is a hybrid rapper/singer from Birmingham, Alabama. The Gates Millennium Scholar has no shortage of creativity in his repertoire. Intelligent and innovative, the young singer says music was the center of everything during his final year of high school which spawned his desire to start writing his own. He founded Lush Productionz, LLC and began to produce his own tracks to flow on.


The Birmingham-based rapper has been producing music since 2016. His catalog is a mixture of hip-hop and R&B; but listening to his music one might conclude that Vibez is a genre on its own. His sound is both dark and smooth, and a bit rough around the edges. Lush has a voice like apple butter on warm toast. His smooth, sometimes cocky, flow radiates confidence over orgasmic heavy bass trap beats. Lush Vibez gives a feeling that reflects Miguel on a Metro Boomin production. He credits J. Cole, Nas, John Legend, Miguel, Key wane and Dr. Dre as his biggest influencers.


The ‘Getchu A Me’ rapper has 3 EPs and a collection of singles released. He produced 100% of his catalog. Spending time around the young musician, I can say that his quiet but playful demeanor highlights his very down to earth attitude. His confidence is contagious, and is also his greatest weapon. Lush Vibez is a star in the making.


Contact Information: 

​Director of Cultural Arts


Phone: 205-400-9566

Cultural Arts Initative

Initiative Background: 

Founder Jarrell V. Jordan has an extensive background in cultural arts and music as a singer, songwriter, musician and artist. Arts and Music serves as an outlet to overcome any situation. Founder Jarrell V. Jordan found music as an avenue to change his life for the better and therefore Cultural Arts is one of the seven focus areas of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. 

Initiative Mission: 

The Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation Importance of Cultural Arts Initiative mission is to create avenues for success and development through cultural arts and music. 

Initiative Objectives: 


  • Promote the Importance of Cultural Arts & Music

  • Provide Resources for Learning & Expansion of knowledge in Cultural Arts & Music

  • Provide Avenues of Growth, Leadership & Development to Future Artist & Musicians 

  • Providing Resources & Funding for the Advancement of Cultural Arts & Music Initiatives

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