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The Life Tour


Elementary & Middle School Focus: The Four P’s of Authority & Life Goals

Four P’s of Authority:

  1. Parent: Authority Figure in the Home

  2. Pastor: Authority Figure in the Church

  3. Principal: Authority Figure in the School

  4. Police: Authority Figure in the Community 

Life Goals:

  1. Career Goals: What do you want to be when you grow up?

  2. Leadership Goals: How Can I Become Successful?

  3. Personal Goals: Why Should I Make the Right Choices?

  4. School Goals: Why Is Education Important?


High School Focus: College, Career & Life Readiness

College & Career Readiness:

  1. College: Application, Decision, Funding

  2. Finance: Scholarships, FASFA, Grants, Loans

  3. Career: Career Choice & Trainings

  4. Readiness: Authority Figure in the School

Life Readiness:

  1. Financial: Importance of Finance (Setup Bank Account for Students) 

  2. Personal: Preparation for Life After High School? (Mental, Physical, Spiritual) 

  3. Professional: Dress & Attire, Etiquette, Leadership & Speaking

  4. School: Next Steps to Completing High School Tenure 

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