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Leadership & Development Initative

Initiative Background: 

Founder Jarrell V. Jordan has been in leadership positions since he was a very young. These various positions have helped shape him into the person that he is today. A true leader must be developed and pushed to be their best self. Leadership & Development coincide and are integral to becoming successful. Some people are natural born leaders and some people are developed into leaders. Therefore Leadership & Development is one of the seven focus areas of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. 

Initiative Mission: 

The Importance of Leadership & Development Initiative’s mission is to develop people into ethical, innovative, responsible, civic minded leaders who contribute positively to their local and global communities.

Initiative Objectives: 


  • Promote the Importance of Leadership & Development 

  • Provide Resources to Obtain the Necessary Skills and Knowledge to become a Leader

  • Provide Avenues of Growth, Leadership & Development to Future Leaders

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