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The Life Tour

My name is Jarrell V. Jordan. I am a senior Political Science major and Religion minor at Morehouse College from Birmingham Alabama. I currently serve the Founder & Chief Executive Officer of the Jarrell V. Jordan Company and the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. I formerly serve as the White House HBCU Ambassador & HBCU Advisor for the White House Initiative on Historically Black Colleges & Universities. I was appointed to this position in August of 2016 under the Obama Administration. 

It has been an honor and a privilege to serve in this position on a federal level and now it is a great privilege to lead my own company and non-profit. In 2016, I created the Importance of Education Initiative and started the Importance of Education Tour in Birmingham Alabama. The tour expanded and has now been held in over seven states. After the creation of my non-profit the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation, I decided to expand the tour and change the design of the tour. My non-profit will focus on Education, Development, Health, Leadership, Mentorship, Policy and Service. These seven focus areas have led my team to change the name of our annual tour from the Importance of Education Tour to the Life Tour. 

The Life Tour will focus on a variety of areas of life, development, leadership, and college & career readiness. Our goal is to partner with local school systems, police departments, and community organizations to impact the lives of students and parents and to not only give them hope and inspiration but to give them resources to be successful. 

There are so many things that I was able to accomplish this year with the Life Tour. The first ever Life Tour will promote education in the State of Alabama. More information about this tour can be found below in this proposal. 

Your support is key in in the advancement of this tour and in our efforts to make an impact in this state. 

The Life Tour

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The Life Tour

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The Life Tour

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