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Service Initative

Initiative Background: 

Founder Jarrell V. Jordan has a heart for serving other and his community. Jarrell refers to himself as a public service and never wants to be referred to as a political because the main goal and purpose is to serve others.  Serving others has an enormous impact seen and not seen on the lives of so many people. Therefore, Service is one of the seven focus areas of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. 

Initiative Mission: 

The Importance of Service Initiative’s mission is to perpetuate a culture of service in the community.

Initiative Objectives: 


  • Promote the Importance of Service

  • Provide Resources & Funding for Service Programing & Initiatives

  • Perpetuate a Culture of Service in the Community

  • Provide Recognition & Acknowledge Deeds of Service to the Community

  • Develop Awareness and Better Understanding of the communities they live in

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