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Initiative Leadership:

Director Julien O'Neil


Julien is a Bonner Scholar that majors in Political Science and minors in Philosophy. He is currently attending Morehouse College. Although very young, he has already set himself apart from his peers by working with the United Foundation of Central Florida, Inc. (UFCF) and Future Leaders United (FLU). While working on these boards, he served as the first President of FLU and positive youth activist on the board and has consistently implemented new ways for the youth to express themselves through the arts and education. After serving his presidency, he was installed as a Junior Board Member and helped usher in a new era of activism and selfless sacrifice in the Pine Hills Area. These changes were brought about by the Founding of the Community Action Centers – Pine Hills Community Center – Youth Advisory Board. He left opportunities for his fellow youth to serve on this Youth Advisory Board. This Board has instilled a lasting love and for proper representation amongst the young adults in a previously underserved community. These opportunities created are not only local in Pine Hills but open to all of Orange County in multiple areas. Some of these areas include SAT/ACT Preparation, Public Safety and Health, Financial Literacy, Voter Engagement, College Readiness and the knowledge of one’s legal rights. From a very young age, Mr. Serrano-O’Neil has shown immense dedication to the servitude of his community and expressed a passion for its growth. By working alongside so many organizations such as the Pine Hills Community Council, Inc. a 501 C4 Non-profit organization that works to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Pine Hills Community, and those previously mentioned. He has shown his passion for those who may not have the opportunity to speak up for themselves in their own communities. He also collaborates with the Orange County, Florida Government, Orange County Public Schools as a Partner in Education serving his former high school, Maynard Evans High School and other OCPS schools. He’s worked alongside the Central Florida Transportation Authority (LYNX) in their Pine Hills Forward initiative in bringing the new Transit Center to Pine Hills along with new jobs with high wages for the community. Through Julien’s many years of service, he has a strong knowledge of Central Florida’s most pressing issues: homelessness, poverty, and economic output. His keen insight and desire to educate and empower our entire community, has made Julien a leader and one of the community’s top champions for the underserved. His focus is on but not limited to: educational reform, rebuilding the middle class, infrastructure development, banning private prisons, rewriting laws to decriminalize marijuana, community relations, crime reduction, and affordable housing.

Contact Information: 

​Director of Education


Phone: 407-409-9614

Service Initative

Initiative Background: 

Founder Jarrell V. Jordan has a heart for serving other and his community. Jarrell refers to himself as a public service and never wants to be referred to as a political because the main goal and purpose is to serve others.  Serving others has an enormous impact seen and not seen on the lives of so many people. Therefore, Service is one of the seven focus areas of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. 

Initiative Mission: 

The Importance of Service Initiative’s mission is to perpetuate a culture of service in the community.

Initiative Objectives: 


  • Promote the Importance of Service

  • Provide Resources & Funding for Service Programing & Initiatives

  • Perpetuate a Culture of Service in the Community

  • Provide Recognition & Acknowledge Deeds of Service to the Community

  • Develop Awareness and Better Understanding of the communities they live in

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