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Health Initative

Initiative Background: 

Founder Jarrell V. Jordan has had a tough battle with his health. From a young age dealing with asthma to now being an adult having dealt with issues of the hearth, stomach and even depression. Jarrell has been hospitalized over four dozen times in the past four years experiencing several medical issues and having several surgeries to address these issues. Jarrell understands the importance of living a healthy life and therefore Health is one of the seven focus areas of the Jarrell V. Jordan Foundation. 

Initiative Mission: 

The Importance of Health Initiative’s mission is to promote the importance of living a health life and to create avenues & resources for living a healthy life. 

Initiative Objectives: 


  • Promote the Importance of Living a Healthy Life

  • Promote the Importance of Mental, Physical & Spiritual Health

  • Provide Avenues & Resources for Living A Healthy Life

  • Provide Awareness to Mental & Physical Health

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